About this CV

This CV is the result of not having to look for a job in the last seven years. I looked back at what I had on my old resumé and everything was greatly outdated. Having to completely rewrite it rendered the opportunity to modernize it for current times. A chance to try something different, something new.

The design is based on WordPress, with alterations to the CSS and PHP scripts to make reading it a non-linear exploration that still retains the printable format on a single page. The goal is to never have to do a resume again and be happy with my next career move. However, if I do move on, I can easily update this CV in a modular fashion without rewriting the entire thing and cramming it all into a single page.

The other design feature of this CV is everything is cross linked. When an employer reads through a resumé, they naturally bring up questions as they go along. The goal is to hyperlink whenever possible at points of interest, so if someone does come up with questions, an elaboration is organically located a simple click away.


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