About this CV

This CV has been created in WordPress, with alterations to the CSS and PHP scripts to make reading it a non-linear exploration that still retains the printable format of the classic resumé. The primary design feature of this CV is cross linking. Skimming through may naturally bring up questions. The goal is to hyperlink whenever possible at points of interest, to provide the option for more elaborate information organically located a simple click away.

With cross linking, I have been able to segment work history and accomplishments into broad categories that range from team participation, attention to detail, community service, and different levels of technical ability. The most interesting part is the visitor data provided by Google Analytics, letting me accurately gauge what employers are looking for by the pages they click through and the amount of time spent reading. Per the analytical data, the most clicks on my resumé go to recent work history, however the most time spent reading is from a disguised link to a secret family recipe that was included to gauge how in depth people reviewed the document.

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